Outline of the Terms and Conditions

The following is intended to give you an outline of the Terms and Conditions although they are not a replacement for them in any way:

The overriding principle of these terms and conditions is to ensure that what we offer to our customers is fair, reasonable and moral. We want to provide holiday accommodation to like-minded customers.

We are the owners of the property and the photos on the website are a fair reflection of 14 Seaspray but are obviously taken to show the property in the best possible light.

Rentals commence at 3 p.m on the day of arrival and terminate at 10.30 a.m. on the day of departure.

Bookings for the apartment are for the period agreed.

If you want to bring pets please ask afor further details.

If there are any problems you should contact the owner or caretaker as soon as possible. Don't be afraid to ask.

If you send us a booking form and we accept it, you and we have entered into a contract to rent the property for a period of time. 
We will do our best to provide what we have advertised. If something outside our control prevents this, we will do our best to find an acceptable alternative. 

Unless otherwise stated we do not provide safety equipment for young children. If you have a disability let us know and we will try to advise if there is likely to be a problem.  The double bedroom in the apartment is accessed via a staircase.

If you have to cancel you are likely to lose some money so you might like to take out insurance.

We don’t offer any guarantee on the weather or take responsibility for anything except the apartment.

We keep a £100 security deposit until after your holiday. We expect you to behave reasonably and to leave the accommodation in good condition. If you damage, steal or mistreat the property we might keep some or all of your security deposit or even go to court to recover any costs.

We have a right to enter the property to perform emergency maintenance or to remove anyone who has damaged the apartment or is causing a nuisance.

We have tried to put the terms and conditions into easy-to-read English.  If we have failed, please ask and we will explain what it means.

These terms and conditions provide a framework for us to ensure that both we and the customer have a clear understanding of what we offer and how we try to do things.


Click here for : Detailed Terms and Conditions

Click here for : Detailed Terms and Conditions